Over on Digital Photography School there’s an article today called “How Post-Processing Helped Me Become a Better Photograph [...]
I’ve shot on both film – where I used to develop my own black and white prints – and now shoot on digital. With film, you had to at least develop your negatives, and usually enlarge and print them in order to see the final result. However with dig [...]
I’m happy to report my photos from Lebanon are finally now live. You can view the gallery over on importedlight.com. I’ve also booked my next two trips. The first to Chile, Bolivia and Peru (where I’m in the high Atacama and need [...]
  Still going through my shots from Lebanon! The photo above is of Pigeon Rock – a natural formation just of the coast of the Raouché district in Beirut. Quite a popular destination for locals and tourists to take photos and it apparent [...]
I’ve never been on a trip where so many people had Kindles. eReaders have definitely entered the mainstream! This was shot on a recent trip to Lebanon. Our minibus got a flat tire as we wound our way up into the mountains to view the cedar r [...]