Oh the life of a National Geographic photographer! Visiting exotic locales. Getting exclusive access. Being where the action is. Seeing wonders rarely seen. Well perhaps not!

The Photo Society, an advisory board for the photographers of National Geographic magazine recently polled its members to get feedback on the risks and hazards they’ve experienced whilst on assignment. The result is a rather off-putting table of figures covering injuries (streaming blood while hanging from harness at 1500 feet, venomous bites), accidents (seat belt releases with helicopter tipped over volcano, paraglider crash) and political and war-related issues (tear gassed, stoned by religious group, held at gunpoint).

Alongside this are a series of vignettes where photographers talk about what they have encountered in the field:

…In Lebanon I was stopped at gunpoint by a 14-year-old with a rifle who tore the photo out of my passport…

(NP: A bit worrying as I’m off to Lebanon later this month!)

…I had to beat a black bear off a guy who was drowning while being held underwater by the animal…

So for a real taste of what it can be like to be a National Geographic photographer check out the links above and decide if its still something you’d like to do!