Once again I’ll be heading off over the holiday season and once again it’s to what some may not think of as a typical tourist destination – Beirut, and more generally Lebanon. However as a photographer I think it’s important to push ourselves and  [...]
So what do you call a collection of Santas? A sleigh of Santas? A gift of Santas? Of course traditionally there’s only one but each year in cities across the UK (and probably across the world) a {insert collective noun here} of Santas get to [...]
Oh the life of a National Geographic photographer! Visiting exotic locales. Getting exclusive access. Being where the action is. Seeing wonders rarely seen. Well perhaps not! The Photo Society, an advisory board for the photographers of National G [...]
You know how much I like the Craft and Vision series of eBooks setup and run by David duChemin and I know you like them too from the clicks through to their site I see. So today I’m happy to say they’ve given us all an early Christmas  [...]