Andrew S Gibson has been busy of late. As well as running a great website, organising workshops and travelling he still finds time to produce great eBooks packed full of tips. Hot on the heels of his most recent Craft & Vision book “Beyond Thirds”, he’s followed up with a new book, available on his own site, exploring the often overlooked square format/crop.

Within the rectangular frame, the eye is directed from side to side (or up and down in the portrait format) and that has a powerful effect on the way the viewer’s eye moves around the photo. The square format, on the other hand, has an inherent sense of balance and geometry that rectangular formats lack.

Building on the comments in, and direction taken by his previous book “Beyond Thirds” Andrew this time focuses on the square format. From its origins in the world of medium format photography through to the current craze of Instagram (a pet hate of mine). As mentioned in the quote above he also covers the difference between the normal 3:2 format and some of the benefits a 1:1 format can bring.

The book branches off in a few of places – there’s a couple of case studies from photographers who predominantly use the square format and whose work he admires, alongside ideas for creating square-er shots, such as stitching two landscape format shots together into a “vertorama”. He wraps up with a few appendices covering the basics of cropping in various post-processing packages.

Overall I wouldn’t say this is Andrew’s strongest eBook (compared to those he has already published on Craft & Vision). However if you like the square format already and want to know how better to compose for it then it’s still a worthwhile read.

Until Wednesday 30th November, 2011 23:59 GMT (check your timezone here) you can buy Square for just US$4 by using the code square20 when you checkout. After that date it will cost just US$5