• Mike Faulkner 2011 Sep 11 / 00:08

    You’ve fixed it already!! amazing.
    Just after I sent my earlier comment I tried one more time. I waited until all the thumbnails had loaded then viewed them at the small size and there were no error messages and then I tried them enlarged with again no problems, so it must be my end being the problem, probably a slow internet.
    Great images and I wish I could have been there. I have spent many years travelling the outback of Australia and your images brought back many pleasurable memories. I guess cars are abandoned in the all the deserts around the world.

    Many thanks and cheers. Mike.

  • mIKEL b. PHOto 2011 Sep 26 / 00:02

    Wow the pics of Namibia are stunning. Great work with the composition and post editing. So do you live there or just decide to travel?

  • Nick Potter 2011 Sep 26 / 05:21

    @Mikel – I was just travelling around Namibia for a couple of weeks.

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