So we’ve come to the end of my “Follow a Photographer” series for now and hopefully I’ll soon have a gallery of photos from my travels in Namibia to show you. However before I do there’s one more recommendation of a photographer for you to check out.

Philip Bloom is probably more accurately described as a digital cinematographer. However he’s a huge fan of the low budget movie look and pushes use of DSLRs – such as the Canon 5D Mk II – to film with. He’s even worked as a DP with Lucasfilm using his DSLRs.

The other thing he’s very well known for is his timelapse movies. Something I’ve been getting into of late (largely inspired by Philip). The timelapse category on his blog is a must see for anyone that’s even remotely interested in this sort of thing.

Because of his focus on video more than static shots, his site does cover a far wider range of subjects then you might be interested in is you’re just a “single image” photographer. However with the additional video capabilities of many DSLRs today I do think it’s worthwhile having a look at what’s possible. Perhaps it will inspire you to try that under-used function on your own camera!

Philip Bloom