While I’m travelling I’m re-purposing the “Follow Friday” idea from Twitter.  I’m posting links to five photographers who I recommend you follow and today’s photographer is Dave Delnea.

I discovered Dave as he seems to hang out a lot with the other David I mentioned (duChemin). He does a lot of commercial work and one of the things Dave tends to focus a lot on is telling a specific story through his images. In fact, sometimes a single image is not enough and he’ll also post video (timelapse usually).

His projects and work is always inspiring and whilst his blog often highlights commissions he’s working on, he does frequently include behind-the-scenes or making-of videos to show how and why he took the shots he did and what was involved to get them. These on their own can be very interesting and show some of the effort involved in getting the shot (for example, hanging off a zip line for a recent shoot) and are a reason to follow the link below!

Dave Delnea