As mentioned previously, I’m re-purposing the “Follow Friday” idea from Twitter while I’m travelling in Africa (Namibia) and even though it’s not Friday I’m posting links to five photographers who I recommend you follow. Today its someone who I think might be a bit like marmite. You’ll love him or hate him!

Trey Ratcliff is Mr HDR and as such, with the love/hate dichotomy that exists around HDR some people may instantly think his site is not their thing. However, whilst I agree that some of his work may have been pushed a little too far, he is an expert at combining exposures and creating some great and memorable images. In fact one of his images was the first HDR to be hung in the Smithsonian in the US.

More recently he’s started providing little mini video tutorials on his site (they don’t always relate to HDR) and as its always interesting to see how others approach a subject are usually interesting to watch.  Even if you already know the techniques it can be good to get a reminder. So don’t let the HDR tag put you off and check out his site below.

Trey Ratcliff