As mentioned in my previous post, I’m re-purposing the “Follow Friday” idea from Twitter and even though it’s not Friday I’m posting links to five photographers who I recommend you follow. Today its someone I’ve mentioned before but he’s always worth mentioning again!

David duChemin bills himself as a world and humanitarian photographer. He has a great focus on improving your craft rather than just buying the latest kit and regular readers of this blog will be very familiar with the Craft and Vision site he set up in this vein.

His blog is an interesting one to follow as often it’s not about the latest photo he’s taken, or some new project he’s working on but instead he writes about the challenges of remaining creative and developing your vision. Earlier this year, after deciding to sell his home in Vancouver and become a travelling nomad (in a Landrover called “Jessie”) he took a spill on a photo trip in Italy and ended up having to be med-evac’d back to Canada with broken legs, ankles and hip. I only mention this as reading his blog you might wonder what it’s about but persevere and you’ll get a lot out of his blog.

David duChemin