Whilst I’m away travelling I usually schedule something to keep the blog going. This time I decided to take the “Follow Friday” idea from Twitter and recommend some links to five photographers who’s work I love. You may already be familiar with them or you might never have heard of them. Their photography might be inspiring and exciting to you or it might not be your cup of tea. However I’d suggest you check out the links and have a look through some of their recent work and if you like it you might want to follow them too.

So first up is a local friend of mine and unlike the others in this series he’s probably someone you’ve not heard of (unless you’re local to Leeds!) – award winning Photographer Rick Harrision. In 2009 Rick won the UK’s National Trust / Sunday Times photography competition with a superb shot in the Lake District. Although he started as mainly a landscape photographer he’s turned his hand to portraits, cityscapes, events and of course not forgetting his (rather strange) obsession with farm animals! Annoyingly he seems to be good at whatever he turns his hand to.

His site isn’t a blog as such (hint Rick – perhaps you should start one!) but does showcase his great photography. I’d also recommend following the links through to Flickr to see some of his more recent work including some of the strange local events and festivals that take place in our part of the world.

Rick Harrison