Imported Light is my portfolio site which mainly shows off photography from my travels. Until recently it was mainly a Flash based site but I’d been having a few problems with it and decided it was time to revisit the site and see what I could do.

The new site is now live and I’ve switched to HTML5 using jQuery for the animations and effects. Everything is still driven in the background by SlideshowPro Director which allows me to export new albums directly from Lightroom into the database which then in turn automatically updates the site. All very easy!

It took me quite a while to decide on a replacement front-end slideshow module to replace the Flash version but in the end I settled on Galleria. If you’re a photographer and want a (reasonably) easy way to present your photos on your site but still have control over styles and setting then I can heartily recommend this tool, and its free to boot. It contains loads of options to tweak almost every setting you could want and a range of custom themes to use – although there is a small charge if you don’t want to use the default theme.

I’m planning to refresh this blog soon too. Its served me well but with advances in WordPress I think its time to see what I can do. It’ll be a while yet but look out for a new design before the end of the year.