After initially setting up Craft & Vision and publishing his own collection of eBooks David duChemin has since taken a break and allowed other authors to step forward and talk about their processes to develop technique and improve your personal style. However after a well documented and serious fall on one of his more recent photo tours, David is back with another book exploring how to bring spatial (and emotional) depth to your photography.

A Deeper Frame begins by exploring what we mean by depth and why it’s a good thing to try to incorporate into your shots. Natural the discussion starts with 3D geometry and perspective but is covered in an easy to understand way (so don’t think you’re heading back to maths class here!). It then moves on to how this can be achieved through composition. Interestingly David takes the well-worn “rule of thirds” and turns this into 3D, suggesting that rather than thinking of this as a two-dimensional 3×3 grid we should be adding depth here too and thinking in terms of a three-dimensional 3x3x3 cube.

After composition he covers optics with a great example of how a slight change in focal length can turn a relatively flat image into something more dynamic. Next comes depth through focus, colour and light. Again each of these sections are illustrated with example photographs that clearly demonstrate the methods being talked about. Finally David wraps up by moving away from three-dimensional depth and focusing on emotional depth which, in a different way to spatial depth, can still draw you in.

It’s not as huge as some of the recent Craft & Vision books (23 pages) but certainly provides plenty to think about along with creative exercises to go out and try yourself and as such it’s again something I would recommend.

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