Travel photography can be great… flying around the world, experiencing different cultures. But unless you’ve won the lottery (and unfortunately I fall into this group) it’s unlikely you’ll be doing this all year. So what to do when you’re stuck at home and have finished processing all the images from your last trip?

Why not consider being a tourist in your home town/city or nearby locations?

Let’s face it, for most of us we take for granted everything in our own city. We go from home to work or the shops and back probably following the same routes as always. Many times you might know of famous landmarks near where you live but have you ever really explored them in depth? When you’re not travelling the world, it’s time to appreciate the place you live and look at it in a new light.

So how to approach being a tourist in your own town?

Well like any other trip you’d make, start with your planning. Search the web and look in guide books for things to do and locations true out of towners are directed to. Make a list of at least five of those you want to see and plan a day or two to visit them all.

If you usually drive, leave the car at home and use public transport wherever possible. Explore at different times of the day to when you usually do (for example at night). Just these simple changes will give you a new outlook on your surroundings. If you can afford it and for the real tourist experience, you might even like to go the whole hog and book into a hotel for a night!

If possible get a map so you look the part. If you know how to get from A to B, try finding a less obvious route. Tell everyone you’re visiting and ask for recommendations. Eat out in the evening at a nice restaurant (but avoid the places you regularly go to).

Finally, don’t forget your camera and take shots of the new things you see and discover, or if you really do know your city well, aim for new angles on familiar places. By changing your mindset in this way you can produce a set of “travel” photos for your home town and as well as keeping your hand in hopefully discover something new about the place you live.