I know it was only a few posts back that I last mentioned a Craft & Vision book, but these guys are extremely productive and have produced yet another eBook. (You know I wouldn’t mention them if they weren’t any good!)

This time its the third in the Black and White series by Andrew S Gibson. I mention in my original post on Craft & Vision the first two in this series and regular readers (you know who you are) will know that I’m very fond of monochrome photography. In the first book Andrew talked about understanding what will and won’t work in monochrome, and in the second book covered techniques to help with post-processing your B&W shots. This time he brings it all together showing you some quick ideas on how to get creative with setting yourself photography briefs/challenges and then going into detail on how he processed nine of his photos, with step by step guides you can apply to your own images.

Those that are already comfortable with Photoshop may not find as much value from this third book as you might from books one or two. Its also debatable whether or not the techniques mentioned really apply to B&W or more generally to any photos (Andrew usually does most of the processing in colour before converting to B&W). However, if you often shoot with a final B&W image in mind, you may find some creative ideas in this book to help breath new life into your work and take it beyond basic monochrome conversion.

As always there’s an offer with this release! If you use the promotional code WHITE4 when you checkout you can get The Magic of Black & White (Part 3) for only $4 OR you can use the code WHITE20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more eBooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST August 22, 2010 (check your timezone here).