So by now you probably know that Adobe Lightroom 3 is out. If you’re still sitting on the fence about whether or not to upgrade here’s some reasons you might want to.

  1. Brand new import screen makes it much easier to get your photos from your camera/memory card onto your hard disk in the format you want and with the initial settings you need
  2. Tethered shooting is now a lot easier for those of you that need this
  3. Drastically improved noise reduction (this is the biggie!) with amazing results allowing you to do more in one product without having to break your workflow and move to another tool
  4. Lens correction automatically reduces lens defects like geometric distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting
  5. Image watermarking with improved options for placement, style and opacity
  6. More flexible print layouts to allow you greater creativity when outputting your work
  7. Integration with online sites such as Flickr (including two way updates for comments/favourites)
  8. Its just faster!

You can see some of the above features in action over at the LightroomLab blog where they’ve posted a video of their top five new features. Additionally, Thomas Hawk has posted an article on his blog showing his take on some of the new features. He’s especially blown away by the noise reduction features. I’m ordering my copy today, so hopefully will have some more articles once I’ve had a chance to play around with it more.

LightroomLab: Five New Features of Lightroom 3 for Professional Photographers

Thomas Hawk: The Most Significant Advancement In Photo Noise Reduction I Have Ever Seen