With the Easter holidays its been a little quiet on the photography front as everyone in the UK attempted to escape for the four-day weekend. So I thought today I would round up a series of news stories that have taken place over the last few weeks in case you missed them.

Digital Economy Bill Passed

The controversial Digital Economy Bill in the UK has passed its final reading in Parliament and will now shortly become law. Whilst the entire bill was controversial, there was a specific clause which photographers were fighting against as it would in theory allow anyone to use your work without payment (more here).

Thankfully the provisions for Orphan Works (Clause 43) were removed from the bill in the final discussions and so these will not become law. I suspect they will now be considered at a later date and hopefully during these discussions the issues raised by photographers will be addressed.

Section 44 Stop & Search Law Appealed

Back in January, the European Court stated that the use of Section 44 to stop-and-search people is illegal and that the powers lack proper ‘safeguards against abuse’, finding that its use was therefore illegal.

The Home Office had until 12 April to appeal the ruling, and according to the British Journal of Photography, an appeal was indeed lodged last week with the European Court.

If the court rejects the Government’s appeal, then the case will become final on that very same day when that decision is taken. This would force the Government to revise its anti-terrorism policies and the use of the controversial Section 44.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Announced

This week Adobe announced the next version of its creative software suites, including Photoshop. The latest version includes many new features that will appeal to photographers. These include:

  • Content aware fill
  • New HDR tools
  • Painting effects and realistic brushes
  • Automatic lens correction
  • Improved RAW image processing
  • Enhanced black and white conversion

Photocamp Bradford 2010

And finally, for those of you in Yorkshire, the dates for the next Photocamp have been announced. The event will take place at the same venue as last year – the National Media Museum in Bradford – on the 2nd and 3rd October 2010.

Watch this space for more info!