As promised in my last post, here’s a shot of the Flagcrackers – a traditional folk dance troop (think morris dancers) from North Yorkshire. Although this type of dancing goes back a long way, the Flagcrackers were established over 20  [...]
The Leeds Flickr Group had a day out in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire today. The weather was perfect and turnout good. Within the walls of Knaresborough Castle are several Ravens which are looked after by Her Majesty’s Keeper of Castle Rave [...]
Whilst passengers are stranded all over the world and cargo logistics goes into meltdown, all due to a volcanic eruption on a small island near the Arctic Circle there is good news for photographers. The volcanic ash aside from causing the airline [...]
With the Easter holidays its been a little quiet on the photography front as everyone in the UK attempted to escape for the four-day weekend. So I thought today I would round up a series of news stories that have taken place over the last few week [...]
Sometimes, despite all the advances in camera technology and the increase in mega-pixels and sensor size, its the simpler things that bring the most joy! This is definitely the case with one Flickr user – Dippold – who has shared a tem [...]