So I keep promising – to you and to myself – to sort out a series of Lightroom tutorials on here. However real life keeps interrupting and as this isn’t my full time job the project keeps getting pushed back. I can only apologise and say thank god for others more committed who I can link to!

One such committed individual is Brandon Oelling over on the X= Blog. After soliciting feedback, one reader emailed to indicate that they wanted more information on the items in the right-hand menu of the Develop module – especially things such as the tone curve and detail panel.

Thankfully Brandon has come to their aid with a great post listing each of the tools available in the Develop panels along with links to articles that go into more detail on each.

So if you’re having trouble with the develop module or just want a refresher on what a particular panel does then check out the X= article “Everything in the Right Hand Menu“. As for my Lightroom series I’ll see if I can get something out this year (but no promises!).