This post is a bit of a rant that’s been building for a while but bear with me! Especially if you use Flickr. I’ve long thought it strange that whenever you add a link in Flickr, either as part of your profile within a caption f [...]
So I keep promising – to you and to myself – to sort out a series of Lightroom tutorials on here. However real life keeps interrupting and as this isn’t my full time job the project keeps getting pushed back. I can only apologise [...]
The Digital Photography School site has posted an article on “An Introduction to Creative Commons Licensing for Your Photographs” and whilst its a useful resource and I respect the work the Creative Commons organisation is doing, I hav [...]
I’ve discussed it. Many other sites have discussed it. Today it’s Matt Kloskowski’s turn. He’s just posted an article over on his blog – Lightroom Killer Tips – about whether or not use DNG. Like many of the oth [...]