Scott Kelby has just put up a great post on 10 things he would tell newbie Lightroom users. I’ve listed the ten points below, but would suggest you follow the link to check out the details and further information he provides on each.

  1. Use Solo Mode To Tame All Those Panels
  2. Use Collections instead of Folders
  3. Store all your photos inside one main folder
  4. Do as much work in Lightroom as possible
  5. Create Presets and Templates whenever possible
  6. How to Save Your Image as a JPEG
  7. Turn off Auto Show for panels
  8. Throw away your old backups
  9. It’s OK to have multiple Catalogs
  10. Ask yourself whether you need lots of keywords or not

Now most of these I agree 100% with. I’m not that great and creating presets and templates but hey – there’s so many good ones available out there I tend to use them and tweak as required. Plus of course, considering my free Keyword Sets I would say that answer to number 10 is “Yes you do need keywords!”.

Scott Kelby – 10 Things I Would Tell New Lightroom Users