Things have been a little quite around here as I’ve been working on a new portfolio site (more on that in the future). Something else I’ve been thinking about doing is a series of articles on using Lightroom, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover let me know!

So in a similar theme I thought I would reference a great post over on Lightroom News which covers using plug-ins in Lightroom.

Although LR v1 was pretty limited in this respect, since v2 and following Adobe opening things up there is now a great list of plug-ins to make your life easier when using the tool. These range from utilities and metadata plug-ins to export options to help you create online galleries or upload to your favourite photo sharing site.

The article on Lightroom News is only short so I’m not going to replicate much of it here, however it does list, and link to, the majority of the main plug-ins available so its a great page to bookmark.

Lightroom News: An Introduction to Lightroom Plug-ins