So Photocamp is over for another year. Around 160 delegates attending over 20 different sessions across two days at the National Media Museum and Impressions Gallery in Bradford.

Personally I once again got loads out of the sessions I attended which were excellent. Subjects covered everything from personal experiences of getting into model photography and tips on how to make money from your photography, through to more philosophical discussions on how we  approach and define photography and tutorials on panoramic photography and breathing life into photo archives. Day two was more fluid and although I only stayed until lunch I finally got to play around with off camera flash in a strobism workshop.

By the time I left on Sunday my mind was back in creative mode and there was even news that the Photocamp concept might be spreading to a city near you with the indication that the next Photocamp may be in Edinburgh (for more information keep your eye on the UK Photocamps website). So all in all a very positive and exciting weekend!

So I’ll leave you with a shot from the Sunday morning when we all met up in Cafe Nero in Bradford. The style of the image is called a panograph and although I did a few of these a while back its not something I had thought of doing of late so its nice to see how well it turned out. For more shots taken on the day just search for “photocampbradford” on Flickr.

The Morning After...