The book by David DuChemin called “Within the Frame” is about finding and expressing your photographic vision, specifically where people, places, and cultures are concerned. The book on its own is great and I can highly recommend it. H [...]
So Photocamp is over for another year. Around 160 delegates attending over 20 different sessions across two days at the National Media Museum and Impressions Gallery in Bradford. Personally I once again got loads out of the sessions I attended whi [...]
This shot was taken inside Temple Works in Leeds. The building has been vacant for a long time and the last occupants (Kays Catalogue) all just left one day and never came back. The building (built between 1836-1840) is it also very strange. The o [...]
I’ve added a new keyword list to my collection of keywords for Lightroom. This time it focuses on terms used to describe weather and associated atmospheric conditions – rain, cloud types, fog/haze, storms, etc. I’m not 100% happy [...]