Lightroom IconLightroom is a great way to manage all your images and speed up your workflow but sometimes, especially if you have a very large catalog, things can slow down.

Its already been widely reported (CNET, Scott Kelby) that if you have a large number of exports to do, then breaking them into chunks that run at the same time can sometimes speed things up. However the LightroomLab has just posted a range of other options that might help speed things up.

The article includes ten tips for speeding things up, as follows:

  1. Optimise your catalog
  2. Get a better computer
  3. Don’t automatically write changes to XMP
  4. Close other programs
  5. Restart occasionally
  6. Build previews before you need them
  7. Tweak your machine
  8. Enlarge the camera raw cache
  9. Watch your catalog size
  10. Embed metadata when importing

Follow the link below for the full details on the above.

LightroomLab: Optimising Lightroom for Best Performance