Well I’m off on my travels again. This time heading to the very north of India to hopefully experience the Phyang Festival in Leh. So whilst I’m gone it might be a little quieter than normal here however I’ve arranged for a variety of posts on Lightroom to be published whilst I’m out and about.

So to kick things off… are you on Flickr? Do you use Lightroom? If so you need to join the Adobe Lightroom group on Flickr.

The group is a great place to showcase your processing and workflow skills and to get help and advice from other Lightroom users. However, by far the best thing is the large and well maintained list of resources the Group looks after. The tips, downloads and FAQs thread contains almost 80 links to a variety of resources in the following categories:

  • Colour Management
  • Meta-data Configuration
  • Import Settings Configuration
  • Lightroom Features and Tools
  • News, Forums and Blogs
  • Presets
  • Printing
  • Resources and Plug-ins
  • Tips, Suggestions and Help
  • Catalogues and Files
  • Tutorials and Videos
  • Web Galleries and Templates

So if you’re not already a member of the group, follow the link below and check it out.

Flickr: Adobe Lightroom group