keywords1The keyword lists that I created and which are available for free are one of the most popular things on my entire site. Its easy to very quickly end up with a Lightroom catalog with a large number of images in it. If you don’t have a methodical and structured approach to managing these you’re going to end up having great difficulty finding anything. A good start is of course using folders to manage your shoots. However if you can get into the habit of tagging your images with keywords it allows you to find things much quicker.

To this end, the X= Blog has posted an article about how to approach keywording. Its not always as obvious as you might think and they provide some good examples.

One of the issues I faced early on is that I ended up using subtle variations on the same keyword by mistake – plurals and singulars for example. There’s also the issue about how specific to get. Should you tag something as Water, or should it be Lake or even Reservoir? Perhaps it should be all three! This is one of the reasons I made the effort to produce standardised lists of keywords.

So if your Lightroom catalog is getting out of hand or you want to start adding keywords to your images in a more methodical manner then follow the link below to read the full article.

X= Blog: The Name Game – Keywording and Tagging in Lightroom