Following my previous post about increases in the use of and equipment for taking videos on your DSLR I thought I’d post something for those of you that don’t have the ability to record video.

DPS has just posted a great introductory article on time lapse photography – the process of taking regular single shots over a period of time then putting them all together to form a video. The article also includes some great examples of what can be done.

In addition, I thought I’d add a couple of other tools that may or may not help you if you decide to try some time lapse photography.

The first is a clever way to take tethered shots without having to lug a laptop around with you. If you’ve upgraded your Nintendo DS to a DSi and are wondering what to do with the old DS, then here’s your answer. Steve Chapman has created a program for his DS that allows him to use the game device to control his camera.

The second is a way to add pans and zooms to static time-lapse shots you’ve taken created by Jeffrey Friedl. For this, you’ll need both Adobe Lightroom and the ability to run a Perl script on your computer. As this amends your Lightroom catalog and pictures its not for the faint hearted, but could make your time lapse sets more dynamic.

Links to all the sites mentioned above are included below. Enjoy!

DPS: An Introduction to Time Lapse Photography
Steve Chapman: Controlling your Camera with a Nintendo DS
Jeffrey Friedl: Panning a Time Lapse with Lightroom and Perl

And of course once you’ve mastered all of the above, why not add a tilt-shift lens and try something like this!

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