Are you the sort of person that buys those glossy photo magazines as a way of getting inspiration for your own shots and setups?

In the current economy this can be expensive (unless you stand around the bookshop and read them there!). Thankfully Photojojo has come to the rescue with a list of their top 10 free online photography magazines. These are:

  1. 1000 Words
  2. Ahorn
  3. BlueEyes
  4. Burn
  5. Deep Sleep
  6. Flak Photo
  7. Lens Culture
  8. MakingRoom
  9. Purpose
  10. Vewd

For more information, previews and links to each of these, check out the link below.

10 Online Photography Magazines We Love (Photojojo)


  • Roger 2009 May 11 / 09:44

    Thanks for this, these are going to come in very useful.

  • Ken Ely 2009 May 25 / 15:26

    Thanks so much for these keywording files! It is a tremendous help, when you know there’s more than one word, but you can’t think of it.

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