Lightroom IconOver on the Lightroom Killer Tips blog Matt Kloskowski has just posted an article suggesting that you set the catalog preferences to never back up your Lightroom catalog.

The things with the catalog backup is that it is not backing up your images. Only the amends, metadata, previews, etc that exist in the Lightroom catalog itself.

Instead Matt suggests

…why not be vigilant about backing up your computer’s hard drive every day. By backing up your computer, you’ll be automatically backing up your catalog every day…

Whilst I’m not amending my photos or adding to the catalog every day, so doing it that frequently is overkill for me, it does make sense.

In the article he mentions SyncBackSE which I’ve used for years now. Its a great little set and forget tool and currently saves incremental backups of important areas of my hard disk (I figure I can always reinstall the OS if I have to!).

Check out Matt’s full post at the link below.

The Truth About Lightroom Backups (Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips)

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  • Colin Griffiths 2009 Apr 07 / 15:24

    Yes SyncBack is a great utility. I also use Acronis True Image to back up onto a second internal hard drive every time I turn my PC off. Another fit and forget tool that backs up THE WHOLE C drive to a secure zone. You can reinstall EVERYTHING including the OS on start up and it works really well.

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