The Digital Photography School site is three years old this month. In addition, they’ve also just posted their 1,000th article.

To celebrate they’ve posted the top 10 articles ranked by views. The top ten are:

  1. 10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits
  2. Long Exposure Photography: 15 Stunning Examples
  3. How to Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography
  4. 15 Stunning Images Using Blur to Portray Movement
  5. 4 Easy Photoshop Techniques to Make Your Pictures Pop!
  6. How to Make an Inexpensive Light Tent
  7. How to Photograph Fireworks
  8. Rule of Thirds
  9. 11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips
  10. Wedding Photography – 21 Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

To read any of these articles just follow the link below.

Top 10 Articles from our First 1000 at Digital Photography School