If you follow the Flickr Blog, you may have seen that they’ve been doing a set of interviews with users call ‘five questions‘ . Well over in the Leeds Flickr Group one of the members started a similar thread. I’ll be answering the questions in the thread over there but thought it might be a nice idea to add them here too!

1. If you had to pick just one camera to shoot with from now until the end of time, what would that be?
Well considering I’ve just bought a Canon 5D Mk II I going to have to say that. Realistically I think the camera itself is all I will ever need so most of my spending is likely to be on lens and accessories from here on out!

2.  Tell us your favourite photos on Flickr, and why you like them. First, a favourite from your photostream?
I think I’d have to say this shot of the Rialto Bridge in Venice that I took late one summer evening a couple of years ago. The bridge was all lit up and with all the cafes and restaurants on the side of the Grand Canal with their lights reflected in the water, it worked far better than I ever expected it to!

And from another Flickr member?
Now this is more tricky! Although I love the Northern Lights shots by Olgeir (over 1,000 comment on one picture!), and the wonderful post-processing of IrenaS, I think I will have to go for this shot by Bradi. Its just a great Silhouette and its so quirky and fun.

3. What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just picking up a camera?
Sit down and read the manual! No – seriously. The sooner you can get out of Automatic mode and start using the Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and even Manual modes the better. You’ll get better shots and be far happier with the results. Of course with digital it doesn’t matter as much if you make mistakes as you learn. But do be careful of deleting an image based on what it looks like on the camera’s LCD.

4. “Kittens, babies, sunsets or flowers? Pick one.”
Sunsets I guess.

(The last question has been changed slightly for the Leeds Group thread)

5. Which of your contacts would you like other members of the Leeds group to see?
Well I’ve already mentioned Olgeir and IrenaS as part of question 2 so as I didn’t choose one of their pictures you should all go an check out their photostreams now!