canon_eos5dmarkiiIt’s surely a sign of a maturing martket when accessories start to be produced for something.

With the increasing number of DSLRs that now allow you to take video such as Nikon’s D90 and D5000 and Canon’s 5D Mk II and 500D, it seems people are catching the DSLR video bug.

There was the recent announcement of the movie “Searching for Sonny” which is the first feature length movie to be shot entirely with a DLSR – the Canon 5D Mk II in this case. There have also been examples of DIY elements such as steady cams to provide smoother motion when filming with your DSLR. After viewing the steady cam video I mentioned to a friend that I didn’t think it would be long before the usual tripod manufacturers caught on and started producing steady cam frames of their own.

Whilst it isn’t a tripod maker, it does appear at least one (professional film rig) manufacturer is taking DSLR video accessories seriously – Redrock. They’ve just announced a hybrid cinema rig to turn your DSLR into a Hollywood-style digital cinema camera. So I’m sure it won’t be long now before there are other similar announcements.

Redrock DSLR Video Products