I’ve not posted much of late as I’ve been busy converting my entire site from Movable Type to WordPress.

Thankfully this is all done now and things should be roughly the same. I have taken the opportunity to add in some minor tweaks (such as moving the menu to just under the banner) but hopefully you should still be able to find everything.

There’s still a few things I need to tidy up around the edges but if you find there’s really an issue then please feel free to add a comment to this post or use the contact link above to let me know.


  • Jon Eland 2009 Apr 02 / 03:37

    Liking the change… will be interested to hear how you find the change – pros, cons etc.

    Welcome to the world of WP.

  • Dave Graham 2009 Apr 02 / 09:00

    Like the look of the new site. Did you develop the wordpress theme yourself?

  • Nick 2009 Apr 02 / 09:12

    Yes – it’s pretty much the same design as my old site, but I had to port it across from Movable Type into WordPress.

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