Amateur Photographer is reporting today that stock photo library Alamy is set to remove thousands of images from its database after the National Trust complained they breached its policy on picture use. Under strict rules, the National Trust bans  [...]
It’s surely a sign of a maturing martket when accessories start to be produced for something. With the increasing number of DSLRs that now allow you to take video such as Nikon’s D90 and D5000 and Canon’s 5D Mk II and 500D, it se [...]
The Digital Photography School site is three years old this month. In addition, they’ve also just posted their 1,000th article. To celebrate they’ve posted the top 10 articles ranked by views. The top ten are: 10 Ways to Take Stunning  [...]
I was exceedingly disappointed today to see an article over on Amateur Photographer about how the UK Government is continuing to encourage people to report photographers despite very little evidence that terrorists wander around with cameras takin [...]
Yes, yes. I know know I haven’t posted anything for a while but things have been a little quite of late. So for all of those friends of mine who like pinhole photography (most of who have made their own matchbox pinhole cameras) here’s [...]
Just a quick note to let you know that the X+ Blog has just posted a link to all their (rather excellent) presets for Lightroom in one handy dandy package. Follow the link to read more and see examples of each. Grab them while they’re hot! X [...]
I haven’t posted many shots since I got my new camera. As much as it kills me I’ve been too busy with other stuff of late, and when I have had a spare moment, the weather hasn’t been good. Anyway – I managed to get out toda [...]
Confused between DPI, LPI and PPI? Unsure whether you use Raster or Vector images? Or just wanting to know the different between RGB and CMYK? If so, the then Digital Photography School has just posted a glossary or key jargon often encountered wh [...]
Over on the Lightroom Killer Tips blog Matt Kloskowski has just posted an article suggesting that you set the catalog preferences to never back up your Lightroom catalog. The things with the catalog backup is that it is not backing up your images. [...]
It appears that with all the mess of moving the site from MT to WP I missed this! Recently the issues around photographers being stopped by the Police under anti-terror legislation was rasied and discussed at length in Parliament. Conservative MP  [...]