lr_2_appicon.jpgSome of my friends occasionally accuse me of having a touch of OCD. I’m not sure about that but I do like to get things in order, and when you have thousands of photographs in your Lightroom catalog its often a good idea to use a standardised tagging strategy. Otherwise things can get very messy, very quickly!

To this end, over the time I’ve been using Lightroom I’ve built up a fairly extensive keyword list however it has always bugged me that its neither comprehensive, nor standardised. So one of my resolutions for 2009 was to sort this out.

You can buy exceedingly comprehensive keyword lists for Lightroom however these can cost up to US$100 for what is essentially a text file. Whilst I appreciate the work that will have gone into creating them, I decided to try and set some up for myself.

So I’m pleased to announce the first five keyword lists for Lightroom which I am providing here for free. I’m not suggesting the categories are complete, nor do I accept any liability for keywords missing, in the wrong place, or otherwise troublesome. However, now that the (sort of) legal stuff is out of the way, here’s the first five categories I’ve created:

  1. Geography – a list of all countries broken down by continent
  2. Animals – I’m sure this won’t be complete but includes over 350 animals
  3. Colours – Red or Crimson? A list of 42 of the more common colours
  4. Natural Landforms – Beaches, canyons, forest and glaciers
  5. Bodies of Water – Over 30 terms for that wet stuff

You can download an individual list or all of them at once from the following page:

Lightroom Keyword Lists


  • Markus Griebling 2009 Feb 01 / 23:05

    Hi Nick,
    These keyword lists are awesome. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who recognizes that keywording in Lightroom is serious business. I’ve been preaching this on my site for months now.
    I appreciate the free download – perhaps you might be interested in an upcoming project I’m working on. Let me know.
    Cheers, Markus

  • Phill price 2009 Feb 02 / 12:11

    very useful! I’m going to add to it be doing a UK geography (town and county) lust probably hierarchical. If only there was a free postcode source i’d do that too!

  • Brad Snyder 2009 Feb 02 / 19:03

    Nick, thanks for sharing …..

  • Tim 2009 Mar 17 / 17:54

    Mahalo for taking the time to put this together.

  • prashant 2009 Mar 17 / 20:23

    nice job. Thanks.

  • Joop Snijder 2009 Mar 19 / 11:25


    Great job. I’m totally into keywords also and have a list that could be a great addition to yours. Maybe we can join them and start a keyword list for the community. If your like the idea, please contact me.

    All the best,


  • HG 2009 Mar 23 / 22:54

    Thanks a lot, good start. / HG

  • Mei 2009 Apr 02 / 14:55

    I’m just starting to keyword my own photos and make my own keyword
    list. I found your lists a good example to look at. I wish there was a
    free, open project to keyword everything.

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