lensGizmodo has just posted a great comparision review between the Canon 5D Mk II and the Nikon D700. They conducted several real-world tests on both cameras and outline the pros and cons of each.

Overall they plump for the 5D, mainly due to the ability to switch between still and HD 1080p video using a 35mm lens. The D700 does come out better in some of the tests though, such as high ISO.

Click through on the link below to read the full review.

Canon 5D Mark II vs. Nikon D700 Review Shoot-Out


  • Rick Harrison 2009 Feb 27 / 10:16

    Personally reading that i think it re-enforces my decision to go to nikon – i find it a little weird that they concede the D700 has the edge in picture quality (especially in high iso), but favour the canon cos it does something other than take good photos – i’ve got my camera to take photos – i’d rather have one that does the best it can do, rather than one that tries to be good at several disciplines.
    I was quite paranoid that the 5Dmk2 was going to come out and blow the D700 out of the water, but i think it’s fair to say in this generation canon have gone thru the motions (increase the sensor size to appear to resolution fanatics (something i’ll admit to having been when considering between the two at first)), where as nikon have taken the view that 12mp is a perfectly good resolution for most printwork and put a lot more effort into improving picture quality. (Realistically, i’ve now come to the view that if resolution really is that important, a medium format digital back is a better option – higher resolution on a smaller sensor just means a boat-load more noise to deal with).
    Still staggers me just how good the d700 is in low light – i’ve got the camera set to auto-iso 200-3200 and just dont give it a 2nd thought any more about places being a bit too dark!

  • Nick 2009 Feb 27 / 13:41

    Rick, I do agree but its interesting to see that both come out fairly even on most reviews.
    As you mention the D700 does have a slight edge with regards to noise but I don’t think its anything major that’s going to put me off.
    And despite initially not being sure about the HD video function I’ve been having a few ideas of late of what I do with it.
    I’m still going to go for the Canon I think – but then I’m a bit of a Canon fan-boy. The problem is getting hold of one now as everywhere seems to be on back-order!

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