The last couple of posts have talked about travel photography, but you don’t have to travel far or even go overseas to get great shots. If you’re visiting a new city (or even popping into town) why not try and do some street photography.

Looking at some peoples’ street photography you’d think it was just subtly holding a camera at your waist and taking as many snaps as you can. But putting a little thought into it and anticipating what people are going to do you can get stunning shots rather than just some pedestrians on the street next to a bus-stop!

Digital Photography School has posted 20 quick street photography tips and includes a couple of great examples (link below). A couple I think are great pointers are to anticipate what people are going to do before they do it. This was you can be in the right place to get that perfect shot. Also, look into the background. You can often get a superb juxtaposition between the foreground and background as this and this from Matt Stuart show!

DPS: 20 Quick Street Photography Tips

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  • Freya Sykes 2009 Jan 18 / 16:28

    Great article and thanks for the links…I love that picture with the finger on the billboard!!
    How weird as well that the article about the 20 tips was by Darren Prowse…Problogger, who I know of through blogging but didn’t know had any interest in photography! Small world eh?

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