As I’m away travelling and taking photos over this holiday period I though I would post some information and links on travel photography.

Photography and travel just go together so well – from the cheap and cheerful holiday snaps, to those that lug all their equipment with them and spend the week before they go trying to work out how to get all that camera equipment into the luggage without exceeding the baggage allowance (ahem… moving on…).

Digital Photography School have posted an extensive article on the art of travel photography and you can find the link below. I’m not going to replicate the article here, however listed below are the points they discuss to get the best from your shots:

  • Read all about the location below you go
  • Get up early, and stay out late
  • Tell a story – get your subject right and shoot both wide and close shots
  • When shooting people, keep you subjects talking

Often before I go anywhere I have a look at the most interesting shots of the destination on Flickr. This is a great way of helping me decide what equipment I might need, and starts me thinking about subjects or compositions I’d like to shoot.

I also think the advice about shooting wide landscapes and cityscapes, along with more intimate people shots and close-ups is great advice. It really helps to give a flavour to the place. The last thing you want is to get back and find all your shots have the same feel.

Finally, my golden rule… don’t edit until you get home and can see your photos on your computer. Often some of my best shots end up being the ones that didn’t look that good on the camera’s LCD. The last thing you want to do is get back home and find that the shot you kept was the wrong one and you deleted the one you needed.

DPS: The Art of Travel Photography