The carousel shot I posted a few entries ago has truly been one of my most popular shots for quite a while. Personally this surprised me as I’ve seen loads of examples of very similar shots, but hey, if people like it I’m happy.

However this got me thinking. This time of year when it gets dark early makes it an easy time to capture motion as car (and carousel) light pass you and your camera. Generally when you take a photo it is, by its very nature, a freeze frame of a moment in time. But this doesn’t mean you can’t convey motion within the shot.

Generally there are two options to choose from. Keep your subject sharp and blur the background (panning as you shoot a moving object perhaps), or vice versa with the subject blurred an the background sharp (think car light trails for this one). As it happens Digital Photography School has recently posted a tutorial on motion blur with great examples for both of these options (the link is below).

And in case you’re having trouble thinking of a concept to shoot, I’ve also provided a link to a site that showcases a selection of great motion blur shots.

DPS: A Beginners Guide to Capturing Motion in Your Photography
Smashing Magazine: Beauty of Motion Blur