canon_eos5dmarkiiThe Nikon D90 was one of the first larger SLR cameras to include a movie mode. This was closely followed by the new Canon 5D Mk II which upped the ante by providing full HD video recording.

Now I’m not a fan of convergence to be honest. I’ve yet to see and use a multifunction device that provides the same level of features and quality as you would get from the separate devices. So with regards to SLR cameras including video recording features, I’m definitely been part of the “If I wanted to take movies, I’d buy a video camera” camp. However, after seeing some of the results produced by the new Canon I might be beginning to change my mind.

Akihabara News today posted one of the first movies made with the 5D Mk II that hasn’t come “officially” from Canon. And it’s stunning! You can easily see the HD quality of the video and the range of lenses used produces a more professional “film” look and feel than the more traditional consumer video cameras.

Follow the link below to view the video for yourself. Once you’ve watched it let me know, do you think the trend of video features in SLR cameras is a good or bad thing?

Akihabara News: Canon 5D Mark II video demo

UPDATE: I’ve just found (via the comments in the above link) another mini-movie made with the 5D Mk II by Vincent Laforet. I’ve provided a link below:

Vincent Laforet’s Reverie