I updated my RSS feeds to today so if you’ve suddenly got a load of old posts marked new then apologies! If you’ve not seen an update for a while I’d suggest you re-subscribe using the link at the top right or by clicking here, a [...]
For those of you that read my blog frequently you’ll know what that I often link to the Magical Places Fine Art blog. Today I am again linking to one of their interviews with a photographer however I think you will find it a real treat. The  [...]
Some people love HDR and others hate it. Personally I think it works when used well, and that those that hate it are probably referring to the over-the-top effects HDR can sometimes produce. I mention this as I’ve discovered a gorgeous set o [...]
Everyone seems to be talking about shooting star trails (no, not shooting stars, but shooting, star trails). Digital Photography School has some tips and provides 4 steps to creating great star shots using stacking software. Various Flickr groups  [...]
I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom since it was in beta form and so my library is getting a little large now and I’ve been thinking of perhaps starting a new catalog in order to speed things up a little. Luckily, Jim Goldstein has just po [...]
This is the second of my articles highlighting some of my favourite contacts on Flickr and this one focuses on IrenaS. Based in Montreal, Irena is a freelance photographer, which is good for her as she has a stunning eye for capturing the absolute [...]
The Nikon D90 was one of the first larger SLR cameras to include a movie mode. This was closely followed by the new Canon 5D Mk II which upped the ante by providing full HD video recording. Now I’m not a fan of convergence to be honest. I [...]
So after all the hoop-la, its over and Barack Obama will be the next President of the USA. Whilst I’m sure millions of words have been written about the ‘ 08 campaign there have also been some great photos taken of the contenders. Bost [...]
Digital Photography School has just posted a top ten list of tips when shooting a conference. I know some of my Flickr contacts often attend events as the photographer (official or otherwise) so I thought I’d link to it here. Included in the [...]