Generally on sites like Flickr, you see the most interesting photos (i.e. Explore) and you see the shots from your contacts and in the groups you review, but this can sometimes be something of a closed circle. So, I thought it was about time I started telling you about some of the contacts I have on Flickr. Their work is often amazing and extremely creative. This is hopefully the first in an on-going series.

So first off, meet Olgeir who is a native Icelander and lives on the Reykjanes peninsular in the town of Keflavik. His photographs show the beauty of the local countryside and seascapes throughout the seasons, and he often posts great photos of the Northern lights.

I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland and Olgeir’s photos only make me want to visit more. Although without the local knowledge he possesses which allows him to discover those hidden areas off the normal tourist trail, I know that when I do finally get there, my shots will only be a pale comparison to his.

Olgeir’s Photostream on Flickr