The Magical Place Fine Art blog has posted another in its series of excellent interviews with photographers. This time the interview is with photojournalist Charlie Mahoney.

Charlie Mahoney documented the lives of African immigrants living rough on the streets in Barcelona for his Living in the Shadows project and the interview focuses on his reasons for choosing this subject matter.

[The idea] came out of natural curiosity. For weeks I passed these African immigrants pushing shopping carts full of scrap metal and thought what are these guys doing? Then I started researching the story and found it to be really interesting.

I actually started it as a project in a workshop I did here in Barcelona, so most of the initial work I did in the first week. Then I stuck with it, checking in on the people I had met and trying to fill holes in the story over the course of a few months.

To read the full interview follow the link below:

MPFA – Interview with Charlie Mahoney