Do you use Flickr? Are the photos you’ve placed there for sale?

Jim Goldstein has posted a thought provoking article on his blog titled, “How Every Flickr Photo Ended Up on Sale This Weekend.” The article references a third party, who utilized Flickr’s API to put everyone’s (yes that means yours) Flickr photos up for sale this weekend as cell phone backgrounds.

“But my photos are marked as all rights reserved” I hear you say. Well unfortunately, the Flickr API doesn’t stop developers accessing and using your work. Its a difficult dilemma as I don’t want to block access with the Flickr API to all my photos as some implementations are useful ( anyone?). But even if I wanted to, Flickr doesn’t even provide this option and instead puts the onus on not using copyrighted material on the developer. In his article Jim points out that if you ask the developers, they will say the photos shouldn’t have been posted on a public site if you don’t want them used.

The article is definitely worth a read as it raises the issue far better than I could and is very thought provoking. I’ve already heard of people quitting Flickr because of this so check out the article at the link below.

Jim Goldstein Blog: How Every Flickr Photo Ended Up on Sale This Weekend