So Canon have announced the launch of the EOS1000D claiming the reason behind it was to make it easier for people to start using DSLRs. In fact Canon Australia’s product manager for DSLRs, Chris MacLeod said:

The 1000D is an entry-level model that is packed full of essential features and what this camera enables consumers to do is to easily walk into DSLR. It simplifies the whole process for them and provides them with the essential features to get into DSLR very easily.

So out of interest I used DP Review’s excellent side by side comparison feature for the new 1000D and my current camera, the 400D. The difference? Well reading the quote above you’d expect the 1000D to be much simpler. In reality, here are the main differences:

  • The 1000D has an Auto ISO mode. The 400D doesn’t
  • The Flash range on the 1000D is one metre further than the 400D
  • The 400D can speed shoot more successive frames than the 1000D
  • The 1000D uses SD/SDHC/MMC cards, the 400D CF cards
  • The 1000D is 50g lighter, but slightly larger
  • The 1000D has live view

These are not exactly massive differences from the 400D and I’m having trouble seeing why the 1000D is more attractive to non-DSLR users. Could this be a case of releasing a product for the sake of releasing a product?

Side by side comparison of the 400D v 1000D