I went to the Kite Festival at Harewood House near Leeds today. Man is it hard to photograph kites! As you will be able to tell this is not a kite, but its easily the best shot I came away with today.  [...]
For the last couple of years I’ve wanted to get some shots of the rape seed fields in flower. Today I decided to try a couple of spots I’d previously scouted and although the weather wasn’t ideal, the stormy skies contrast nicely [...]
Following my post earlier about PhotoNetCast, Digital Photography School has today posted a list of 24 other photography related podcasts to inspire you – a mixture of both video and audio. Head on over to Digital Photography School to check [...]
I stumbled upon this great collection of night shots by a photographer called Troy Paiva today. Troy is a commercial artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. For his entire adult life he has been an abandonment explorer and back-roads wanderer [...]
It seems today that every camera manufacturer has their own flavour of the RAW image format. Sometimes even different cameras from the same manufacturer support different versions, and when people want to keep there pictures for years and ensure t [...]
A new podcast has launched for photographers at www.photonetcast.com. The format is a relaxed roundtable discussion between several photography bloggers: Antonio Marques Martin Gommel Jim M Goldstein Brian Auer Instead of delivering the common  [...]