Trig point

With all the travelling I do it can sometimes be difficult to work out exactly where I took a shot when trying to geotag it. I thought a trig point was a suitable image to talk about the GPS device I finally got around to purchasing!

After talking about this device with a friend a while back, and reading about his results in using it, I finally decided to get myself a Gisteq PhotoTrackr Pro GPS unit.

The device itself is certainly small, light and unobtrusive. The supplied software installed with no problems at all and an integrated wizard walked through getting an API key for Google maps, which the device uses to track where you’ve been.

After running through the very simple set up of synchronising your camera with the PhotoTrackr’s clock I decided to take it on a test run out to Stanton Moor in the Peak District.

As I was walking I forgot about it for most of the day, however the couple of times I did check it it seemed to be working fine. Although there’s no display on the device, the audio alerts let you know when its searching for satellites and when its got a lock.

After a couple of hours wandering around and talking a few shots, I headed back home to process my shots. After importing my photos into Lightroom, I simply opened the supplied software and pointed it to the location of my shots. It then produced a map showing where each shot was taken and wrote that data back into the .DNG file format I use. Back in Lightroom, I just synced the metadata and the GPS data was available from within Lightroom.

Overall, and in the short time I’ve had it, an excellent little device that does exactly what it states it does, and something I would recommend to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to geotag their photos. For me, it means no more trying to work out where that little village in the middle of India was where I took that great photo!