A photographer from a Birmingham-based photographic agency has raised a complaint with West Midlands Police following an incident in which he says a police officer forced him to delete images from his memory card. The website for Editorial Photogr [...]
If you like to keep up on your news and views related to photography, there’s a site that can make finding articles far easier – PhotographyVoter. The site, which looks vaguely like dig, features news, articles and opinion on all thing [...]
Following my earlier post on the UK Police campaign that is only going to produce more hassle for photographers, things are slowly beginning to move. Over the last couple of weeks, there have been questions in the press from the public, an early d [...]
Continuing my theme of highlighting tips, articles and plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom, Joe Barret has released a free eBook containing 30 tips and tricks on his site, Image Space. He mainly covers the library and develop module and for someone wanti [...]
Leeds was celebrating St Patrick’s Day early today with a parade through the city centre and lots of entertainment in Millennium Square. By chance I was in town with my camera and so walked around the city with the Parade. Speaking with one  [...]
For those of you using SlideShowPro for Lightroom, a new version is out. Version 1.1.4, which is likely to be the last upgrade before version 1.2 hits, doesn’t contain any major new features but fixes some bugs and brings the core product in [...]
In a distinctly worrying move the UK’s police forces have launched an anti-photography propaganda campaign. What annoys me about this is that it is unlikely to have any real impact on terrorism, but will impact genuine photographers around o [...]
Lightroom News has a brief review of an interesting new Lightroom plugin called Enfuse. Enfuse is an existing open source blending program that creates images similar to tonemapped images, (but without over-exaggerated style many fans of HDR seem  [...]