Only a couple more days before PMA08 kicks off and already there’s a great deal of new equipment announced from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Casio, Fuji and many more. For those interested in keeping track of what you might want to add to your wis [...]
Another from the recent Leeds Flickr Group night shoot. The sky, whilst pushed a little, was really orange from all the light pollution from the surrounding city.  [...]
Taken on a recent night shoot with the Leeds Flickr Group.  [...]
So its not the anticipated announcement from Canon about a Mk II 5D but it is an upgrade to 400D/XTi. Pre-PMA 2008, Canon has announced a new compact digital SLR, the twelve megapixel EOS 450D (Digital Rebel XSi). On the surface a very similar cam [...]
Adobe has officially announced the introduction of the Lightroom Community Help Wiki. The help system incorporates an updated version of the Lightroom LiveDocs and well known figures from the Lightroom Community will be involved with as moderators [...]
I’ve produced a book! I’ve always liked the idea of doing things with your photos. When we used to have film and prints, your photos would be put in an album and hardly looked at. Now we have digital its even worse with all sorts of gr [...]
The Washington Post has a great article on copyright infringement around amateur photography. It list some of the recent high-profile cases where corporations, that wouldn’t think twice about suing if you used their content, are more than ha [...]
Peachpit have launched an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom resource centre of their site. Whether you’re just learning Lightroom for the first time or looking for pro-level tips to help you do more, better, they’ve got a range of resources to [...]
Now as a friend of mine, Jay Mawson, was on this new Channel Four programme tonight, and considering it’s a photography show I was going to do a write up of my thoughts on the show. However, it appears another friend, Dave (aka publicenergy) [...]