I came across an interesting article on the Pixelated Image blog today. The basic premise of the article is that travel photography, as a genre, is dead.

What people heralding the death of travel photography mean is that it’s a market that’s lost its goods. They’ve lost scarcity, the market is saturated, and anyone who wants an image of Taj Mahal can go to Flickr and find 100 photographers who’ve shot the same shot from the same angle on the same camera, and they’ll fight for the chance to give the image away in hopes of garnering a publishing credit.

The article then goes on to say that with all these generic shots available on Flickr or iStock Photo, a secondary market evolves for creative quality shots.

I’m not 100% sure I agree that the genre is dead as I don’t think of travel photography as single images of exotic and far away lands. Instead I see it as a collection of images that have a cohesiveness and tell a story. A gallery that takes the reader on along for the ride. Although again, here, you have to be careful that they are creative quality images and not just a collection of your holiday snaps.

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